Yard games

Cornhole rules are pretty simple. To start out, you set the boards 25 feet apart, when playing 2 vs 2, teammates will line up across from 1 another on opposite boards. There are Eight bags total, each player gets 4 bags to toss, the action starts by one player tossing a bag. If the bag lands on the board and stays on, then that bag will count for 1 point, if the bag goes through the opening in the board then that bag will count for 3 points. Immediately after the first players bags lands on the board or goes thru the opening then it’s now the second teams turn to throw. If the next players bag gets the equivalent amount of points as the first players throw, they cancel each other out (example of this: When the first player sinks it in the hole & then the second player does as well, then your points cancel each other out). Once all 8 bags are tossed then the points are totaled up and the team with the most points gets first shot in the next turn. This goes on till one team gets to 21 points (need to win by two). Now that you understand the basics of Cornhole rules it’s time you learned about Bru-Bg’s rules.

The trouble with simple is that it does not allow a lot of variation & simple just isn’t how we live our lives any more, there is nothing “simple”. Our attention span is literally below that of a goldfish, you didnt hear me wrong I said a goldfish. So in the modern age of facebook, twitter, Instagram, snap chat whatever other nuts social websites outlets on the market that diminishes our already limited human interaction, simple just doesn’t work anymore. We need excitement, assortment, something that is going to keep our now reduced attention spans & Cornhole isn’t it…enter Bru-Bag!

The least difficult and most effective method to explain how Bru-Bag works is by having you take a quick stroll along memory lane. You recall (or maybe you don’t) setting up those six solo cups on your side on the table during those late college evenings right? Well those six red cups are the same as the six holes on the Bru-Bag board & covering them up is the same as pulling the red cup off the table. Now recall many of the rules you used to play in Beer-pong (redemption, overtime, re-racks, balls back, etc)? They’re all a part of Bru-Bag, we even encourage customers to use their own house rules to make the game their own.

Seeing that you’ve seen the difference in the two games we’re certain that the choice is clear when you’re considering your upcoming lawn game buy. Not only is Bru-Bag more enjoyable, less expensive, lightweight & produced from real wood right here in the united states. It also comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction, that’s how confident we are that you’re going to love our game.